Smartphones have emerged to become one of the most important gifts of the technology today. Most of the people using mobiles prefer buying a latest smartphone which is capable of helping them with their daily work and schedule. But then buying a new mobile is in itself a bit tedious job for many.
Today we shall discuss a few simple steps that you need to follow while buying a new smartphone. Though it is difficult to satisfy everyone's desires, we still have managed to jot down a few indispensable facts that one should adhere to without fail. With android smartphones leading the race, we shall mostly focus on such phones that run on the android OS but these steps are applicable for any type of phone. Let us discuss the most important aspects in detail which you need to consider while buying a new handset.
1. Screen size and Display
Mobile screen is amongst the first things that catch your eye while you look to buy a new mobile. Today you get several options ranging from 2.5" to 7" screen with different types of display like LCD, TFT, super AMOLED and more. 5"-5.5" sized IPS LCD mobiles are the most common of all with a few offering AMOLED screens as well. Big screen mobiles with good display offer good color reproduction along with optimal contrast and brightness ratios. They are of good use to people who love surfing on the net and also enjoy watching videos and movies.
2. Processor
Processor details refer to the type of chipset that has been employed to power your android smartphone. They are responsible for managing the running threads and switching between multiple tasks while you are using your phone. What you basically need to look into is the number of cores and the clock speed of the processor. In simple terms, a higher number denotes better speed and working capability. For example, a dual core processor is better than a single core one, a quad core is better than dual core and so on. One another important thing to consider is the type of processor that has been used. Snapdragon processors are considered to be the best, followed by Mediatek, Exynos and others.
3. Camera
People in India love taking pictures. Hence camera type and clarity is an important spec in the Indian market. Both the primary and secondary camera is equally important and is regularly used for clicking pictures and videos. Resolution, LED flash and customized camera options are few significant aspects that needs your addressing here. There are some other things as well like the Panorama mode, burst mode, Full HD recording option, etc that are quite popular amongst people. Additionally, front flash and beautification mode for selfies have also become a trending requirement for many. Though having more options doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a good camera but then a few of them are mandatory for producing acceptable results.
4. Network and Connectivity options
4G LTE mobiles have stormed the Indian market and everyone is eager to taste the new surge in the telecom industry. 4G gives super fast connectivity and browsing speeds for users to enjoy a redefined internet experience. Wi-fi, Hotspot, Bluetooth, etc are other common options available in most of the android phones. The Chinese smartphone makers provide some additional attributes like Infrared connectivity and HDMI amongst others at relatively cheap prices which make them good all-rounders at a low budget. There are a few premium features as well like NFC, DLNA and USB On-The-GO that add great value to your phone.
5. Memory and Storage
The speed of your phone and its processing capability depends on its RAM size. The higher the size, the better its speed. 2GB and 3GB RAM android phones are the current favorites for many. A better processor along with high RAM sizes can deliver high quality performance and class. In terms of storage, it is suggested to buy a phone with at least 16GB inbuilt. One other thing that needs to be considered is to see if or not your phone supports the use of external cards. Many companies are doing away with the external storage and are instead giving good primary storage sizes. Since the same memory is also used up to store app data and other files, it will be advisable to go with higher memory sizes like 64GB and more.
6. Additional features
There are a lot of additional features that one can expect from a phone. For instance, many people love having a slim smartphone with less body weight and high screen-to-body ratio. Slim mobiles give a premium feel to your phone and make them look good and stylish. There may be another class of people who would prefer having a scratch resistant, waterproof and dustproof handset. Some may like having speakers at the front while others may like having a fingerprint sensor for additional security. Such additional functionalities add immense value to your device and help them stand out from the crowd.

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